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Because you deserve your little corner of the internet without having to learn the entire internet. Our WordPress themes are beautiful and so easy-to-setup.

Waverly WordPress Theme - Business homepage
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Waverly is a modern and stylish multi-purpose WordPress theme that lets you design your site using the new site editor. Built to work flawlessly with WooCommerce. It includes close to 40 patterns. No coding skills required.

Theme Patterns

Using prebuilt yet customizable patterns lets you set up your site with just a few clicks. Combined with blocks, you can quickly and easily build your posts and pages exactly the way you want it. Our themes always include a wide range of patterns, including front pages, contact pages, about pages, and so much more.

Why you want this

The Block Editor lets you insert blocks and patterns right into your pages and posts. What’s more, you get a live preview right in the editor of your site as you build it.

WordPress Patterns
WordPress Site Editor

Site Editor

Gone are the days of needing a developer to customize your theme. With WordPress’ new Site Editor, you can customize your theme yourself. From colors, to fonts, to header layouts right down to the footer. All without needing to learn a single line of code.

Why you want this

With the new Site Editor, you can customize your theme’s layout yourself. Have we mentioned no coding skills required?

Set up your site. Fast.

Patterns, block editor, site editor. All these features help you build your site fast and with a WYSIWYG visual right in the editor. Tailor your site exactly as you need it. Add, delete, move any and all blocks until your site is perfect.

Everything is built right into WordPress, so no extra plugins required.

WordPress Block Editor screenshot
WordPress Block Editor

Theme Features

All our themes include the following features.

Beautiful Design icon

Beautiful Designs

Aesthetics and function are what make a design great. Fonts, spacing and layout are all carefully put together to give you a beautiful design with every theme.

Page building icon

Easy page-building

WordPress offers two built in ways to edit your site: the Block editor and new Site Editor. Build your site exactly as you imagined it. Fast.

Mobile Icon

Mobile Ready Layout

People access your site from all sorts of devices. The experience should be optimal all the time. All our themes will adapt perfectly to any screen.

Secure icon

Clean and Secure Code

Nudge Themes is a proud partner of Each theme goes through a thorough review before it launches. This translates to the most secure and up-to-date theme.

Quick support icon

Quick Support

When you buy a premium theme, premium service should come along with it. We strive to offer you the quickest and friendliest support.

Documentation icon

Easy Documentation

Each theme comes with clear and easy to follow documentation. You’ll have your corner of the internet setup faster than you can say “publish.”

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Because you deserve your little corner of the internet without having to learn the entire internet.
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WordPress theme Homepage pattern
Waverly pattern: Offcenter text with large image