3 Places To Get High Quality WordPress Themes

Looking for that perfect theme? There are so many themes out there so where do you begin? And more importantly, who can you trust when it comes to downloading a secure and high-quality theme?

A friend of mine did a random Google search looking for a theme. He got a little more than he bargained for when after installation he realized his site had been hacked.

The lesson? Not all themes are equal. So stop Googling and downloading random themes from the internet. Okay? Okay.

Where to find WordPress themes

So where do you find trustworthy sites to download themes from? Below are three places I would recommend:

1. WordPress.org

This one might be obvious to some but lots of people aren’t aware that WordPress.org has a ton of themes. And. All. For. Free. Granted, some of these might not have the perfect design but at least each theme has been vetted for any malicious or unsecured code before it was allowed into the repository.

2. WordPress.com

I know this one may sound weird but keep reading. Many themes shops on WordPress.com also sell those same exact themes for self-hosted WordPress site. So if you’re browsing the themes section there and come across one you like, try Googling the theme name. You’ll most likely come across the same version on the theme author’s site. And WordPress.com does a thorough review of both the design and the code for all its themes, you know you’re getting a high quality, secure theme, built using WordPress best practices.

3. Creative Market/ Theme Forest

Creative Market is my new favourite go-to place for, well, everything. From pictures to fonts to graphics. They also have an amazing theme section. Their process isn’t as thorough as the last two suggestions but they do have a reputation to maintain so themes need to go through an approval process.

Another reputable marketplace is Theme Forest. They’ve been around for years and have a pretty good reputation. You very likely to find many recognizable themes here.

Your turn! Did I miss any reputable places to find a well-built theme? Would love to hear some more suggestions.

Disclosure: I sometimes have affiliate links in my posts which let me make a little extra money if you click through and make a purchase. At no extra cost to you!

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