WordPress Tip: First thing you should do when activating a new theme

Has this ever happened to you? You finally found the perfect theme but when you activate it your images look distorted and nothing like the theme’s demo. What a disappointment. Well, there’s is a quick and easy fix to get your images looking exactly as they should.

The fix: Re-cropping your image sizes

When you upload images to your post/page, or set a Featured Image (or post thumbnail, as it’s sometimes called), your current theme will automatically crop your images to different sizes set by that theme. When you change themes, those previously cropped images need to be re-cropped to match the new theme’s layout and image sizes.

This may sound like a huge task but because WordPress is so great, there’s a plugin which does it for you with the click of one button. The plugin: Regenerate Thumbnails. Along with Jetpack and a backup plugin, this is one of the default plugins I install on all of my WordPress sites.

Here’s a very quick video from the folks at WPBeginner on exactly how to use the plugin.

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