Gutenberg Wide and Full blocks are finally here

We’ve been busy and admit this is being launched much later then we intended to, but we’ve finally added wide and full block support to Melody, Perle and Linden themes.

Wide and Full width blocks

If you’re not familiar, since WordPress 5.0 with the addition of the new block editor, certain blocks now have the option to be stretched out wide and full width of your content area. These features are optional in each theme and have to be added in by the theme developer.

Full width image block

Each width is best handled depending on the theme. For example, with Melody, since the post pages have the option of adding a sidebar, both wide and full blocks will look the same. Without a sidebar, the blocks take on the full effect because of the added space.

Full width Homepages

So many of you have asked to have full-width capability for your static front page. That’s now possible and so easy to do!

Here is a full list of all the editor blocks which support “wide” and “full” width capabilities. These can be used in either a Page or a Post:

  • Images
  • Image Gallery
  • Cover image
  • Media & Text
  • Embeds
  • Pullquote
  • Columns
  • Table
  • Video
Full width blocks: Media & Text block and Image block

Editor Color Palette

Another new features we’ve added is the Editor Color Palette which on certain blocks lets you chose a background colour as well as a text colour. The colours included are set to what works best with each theme.

Melody colour palette

Don’t forget to update to the latest version of your theme in order to get all of these new blocks!

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