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Because you deserve your little corner of the internet without having to learn the entire internet.

What you’ll get with Nudge Themes

A lot of love and hard work goes into each theme.
Here are a few of the features.

Beautiful Design

Aesthetics and function are what make a design great. Fonts, spacing and layout are all carefully put together to give you a gorgeous looking theme. Your readers will love you for it.

Easy layouts, simple features

Kiss hidden and confusing option screen goodbye. All themes support the new WordPress editor blocks so laying out your page is a breeze. And any themes options can easily be found in one place, in the WordPress Customizer.

Mobile ready layout

People access your site from all sorts of devices. Google will now boost ranking for sites which are mobile-friendly. That’s why all our themes will adapt perfectly to any screen.

Clean and secure code

Nudge Themes is a proud partner of WordPress.com. Each theme goes through a rigorous code review before it launches. This translates to the most secure and up-to-date code.

Direct support

Ever buy an online product, then needed help only to be greeting with silence? When you buy a premium theme, premium service should come along with it. With Nudge Themes you’ll have direct email access for all your questions.

Clear documentation

Each theme comes with clear and easy to follow documentation. You’ll have your corner of the internet setup faster than you can say “publish.”

What you won’t get
with Nudge Themes

Not all themes are equal. Investing in the right one is important. So make sure Nudge Themes is the right theme shop for you and your needs.

Confusing options panel

A core philosophy here is simplicity and ease of use. All Nudge Themes use the WordPress Customizer for all of the theme options and settings. So you know exactly where to find everything each time.

A “One theme fits all” solution

When picking a theme it should fit your specific style and brand. A one-theme-does-it-all solution often translates into a bloated site with a ton of settings you can’t figure out or can take weeks to set up. With Nudge Themes you get the exact design you’re looking at without needing techie superpowers to get it looking right.

Every option under the sun

Options are great. Options are fun. But what happens when you decide your site needs a new look? All those hours you spent setting up countless options could make your content look off or worse, break your site. My philosophy is to keep those options separate from your theme. Which is why with every theme I recommend which plugins to use for added features. I promise this will save you boat loads of frustration and time.

Happy Customers

I’m so excited about this theme. For the first time in many years I’ve found a theme that is inspiring me to blog and blog often.


I would like to tell you that I am real happy and extremely pleased with how my blog is looking. Thank you for all of your help. If you were standing in front of me, I’d plop a kiss on your forehead.


I fell in love with your WordPress theme! It displays the perfect landing page for my blogger needs!