Steps for a Worry-Free WordPress launch – A checklist

Today I have a really quick tip for you in the form of a checklist for a worry-free WordPress site launch.

If you’re setting up your first WordPress site you might be a little anxious about launching. There’s lots to think about and it can easily get overwhelming. Even I as a web designer have missed a few steps after launching client sites.

The good news is, everything is fixable. Even once you’ve launched. The better news is I’ve put together a handy checklist so you won’t miss anything on launch day.

Worry-Free WordPress Launch Checklist

How to launch your site, stress-free

I’m a list person. I have lists for everything. Seriously. Ticking off that box when a task is done is so satisfying. I’m old school in that I love putting things down on paper so I even made a printable version you can download below.

I’ve broken things down into three categories: customizer tasks, plugins you should install and dashboard settings. Obviously lots more could be added to this list, especially in terms of plugins, but I’m sticking with the basics and the most important things you need to do.

I hope the list gives you the confidence to finally put that site live!

Worry-Free WordPress Launch Checklist


Add Logo.
Add Favicon.

Plugins Installation

SEO plugin.
Backup plugin.
Google Analytics.


Write a few posts: some say a minimum of 10, I say start with 5 and build your way up to 10 and eventually more.
Setting > Reading: make sure “Search Engine Visibility is unchecked”.
Deactivate your coming soon page (if you have one).

Congratulations! Your site has launched. Now go treat yo’self!

Got any questions? Leave a comment!

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