What are WordPress Patterns?

One of the many things that makes WordPress so useful is patterns, which are pre-built designs you can insert with one click into your page or post. Think of them as template chunks you can use as a starting point to build your web pages. We’ve already talked about what a transformative tool the WordPress Site Editor is, and patterns are one more example of what makes WordPress so great.

Why use WordPress patterns? 

The biggest advantage of using patterns is to save you time and effort. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel whenever you need to create a new page. Just find the pattern that fits your needs, tweak it as needed, and voila! You have a functional and tested page.

Another benefit is consistency. Using the same patterns across your website ensures that your site is cohesive and visually appealing, with a consistent user experience. This is especially important if you have multiple people working on your website, as it helps ensure everyone is on the same page (literally!)

How to use WordPress patterns? 

So, how do you use WordPress patterns? The easiest way to find them is right in your WordPress dashboard as part of your theme. Simply create a new post or page, click the blue Blue plus to add pattern or block. sign on the top left of your editor screen and then click Patterns. There, choose from a variety of patterns, including default options from WordPress or custom ones expertly designed for your theme. Our premium themes include a variety of patterns, ranging from 30 to 40. Some are designed as smaller blocks to be used in specific sections of your page, while others are full-page designs.

Another place to find patterns is the WP Block Pattern Directory on WordPress.org, where you can grab community-contributed WordPress patterns. You can browse dozens of pages of patterns. Once you find one that works for you, just click the “Copy Pattern” button at the top of the page and paste it into your editor. Easy. 

Patterns in action

Here are a few examples of how quickly and easily you can build your site using patterns. 

Browsing the pattern library
Browsing the patterns library.

There are two ways of browsing the pattern library. Here I’m showing you the patterns available with our Waverly theme.

Adding a full-page pattern
Browsing and adding a full-page pattern

This is how simple it is to add a full-page pattern. Once inserted, just change up your copy and images.

Building a page using patterns
Building a page using patterns

The last example I want to show is how to build a page using different patterns. As with the previous example, it’s just a matter of finding and clicking the patterns you want and need.

Remember, when using patterns, they are meant to be a starting point. You should always customize and tweak the patterns by updating the copy and images to fit your site.

WordPress patterns can save you time and effort, and ensure consistency on your website. Give it a try and see how it can make building your website smoother and faster.

Up next!

There’s no shortage of new WordPress jargon coming from the community these days. If you’d like to learn more, I’ve written some articles about Site Editor and Block Themes and Global Styles.

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