Bring your website to life with Vivid, a lively theme that showcases bold colour palettes and draws inspiration from the iconic Bauhaus shapes.

USD / year

What you get

  • 1 year of Updates
  • 1 year of Support
Vivid requires WordPress 6.1 or later.
Vivid Theme homepages

What you get with Vivid

WordPress Site Builder

Site Editor

With the built-in site editor, you can finally customize your site just the way you want it.

WordPress Patterns


Build pages fast with patterns. Vivid comes bundled with over forty different patterns, including full-page layouts.

WooCommerce Ready

Vivid is WooCommerce compatible. Your shop will be the envy of your peers.

Nudge Themes Animation

Built-in Animation

We’ve made animations simple and beautiful. Each block can be set with its own animation.

Nudge Themes One-click Demo

Demo Content Import

Want the whole demo site in one go? We’ve got you covered in just a few clicks.

WordPress Style

Style Variations

Vivid comes with five additional colour variations, which you can customize further to match your site and branding.

Nudge Themes Premium Support

Premium Support

When you buy a premium theme, premium service should come along with it. We’re here for you with any questions you may have.

Themes Updated

Theme Updates

Whether it’s security fixes or new features, we strive to deliver the latest WordPress has to offer and more with each update*.

*Available with valid keys

Block Visibility

Coming Soon

Block Visibility

Hide content as needed on mobile, tablet or desktop screens.


Patterns included with Vivid

We’ve made it easy for you to get your site up quickly. Vivid includes 40 starter content blocks, called patterns in WordPress lingo, including front pages, Contact pages, About page, and so much more.

Vivid theme red pattern
Vivid WordPress theme orange pattern
Vivid pattern blue

Theme Styles

Not liking the default colours and font combination? No problem! We’ve put together five style combinations for you to choose from. With just one click, you can give your site a whole new look.

Vivid Shapes

You can add striking visual elements to your blog by choosing from a variety of shapes for your media-text images, simple images, and even your blog template. Let your creativity soar as you effortlessly select the perfect shape to bring your content to life.

Built-in Block Animations

Make your site a little more dynamic with animations. Just toggle the setting to ‘on’ and fine-tune the speed and fading for each individual element.

What you can do with




Vivid is WooCommerce compatible. Your shop will be the envy of your peers.

Shop page in Vivid Green
Product page in Vivid Green
Cart page in Vivid Green


About Our Themes

WordPress Site Editor

What is the Site Editor?

The Site Editor is WordPress’ new native site builder. Like the post and page editor, you can build your site’s layout using blocks and patterns, change colours, spacing, and everything related to your site’s design. Do all of without any addiotional plugins or coding skills.

WordPress Patterns

What are Patterns?

Patterns are predesigned blocks of content designed to help you build your site and add your content faster. They are available in the Site Editor as well as the page and post editor. Just pull up the pattern list, click, and it’s inserted into your page. You can then update the copy and images with your own.

Should I be excited by this?

Yes! 🤩 The Site Editor, along with Block themes, can not only vastly decrease your site-building time but also allow you an unprecedented level of customization without knowing how to code. Change your site’s colours, fonts (coming soon), typographic properties such as font size, line height and more. You can also change the layout of your header, footer and blog page elements by simply inserting, moving or deleting block elements to where you want.

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Because you deserve your little corner of the internet without having to learn the entire internet.

USD / year

Vivid pattern example
Vivid pattern example
Vivid pattern example